Smudging: Cleanse & Clear Kit

Smudging: Cleanse & Clear Kit

Smudging: Cleanse & Clear Kit
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A cleansing kit containing Selenite, White Sage and Palo Santo with a sprinkle of Lavender.

Selenite is a gypsum based Gemstone that will cleanse and clear the energy of all other Gemstones just by being near Selenite. Place your jewelry and stones near Selenite overnight for a good cleanse. Please Do Not get Selenite wet with any liquids.

White Sage and Palo Santo are used to cleanse and clear space, person's and items.

For hundreds of years sage has been burned all around the world for sacred ceremonies. White Sage has been used to banish negative energies and offer protection, blessings and cleansing to anyone and anything that smoke touches.

Palo Santo, Spanish for "Holy Wood", is recognized by it's strong notes of pine, mint, and lemon and is commonly used for it's medicinal and energy-cleansing qualities. Palo is said to spiritually heal users, and is regularly used by indigenous communities in South America.

Smudging Instructions:

1. Light your Sage|Palo. It should be smoking but not on fire. Waft smoke around any items (Jewelry, Gemstones etc.) you'd like cleansed. For cleansing your space, continue reading below.
2. Start at the furthest point from your front door and move around your home in the most circular way that you can.
3. Keep the Sage|Palo moving, making sure to get the smoke in all corners of your home. You may need to relight your Sage|Palo throughout this process. To lengthen burn time, lightly blow on the embers.
4. Use a feather to lift stagnant energy and guide the smoke during your cleansing.
5. Open a window in each room to allow the old energy to go out and fresh air to come in.
6. Use a abalone shell or porcelain dish to collect ashes. Place your Sage|Palo in your dish when you are done and it will go out.

🤲🏽 Handmade with ❤️ in Maryland 🇺🇸

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