What do Balanced Chakras look like?

What do Balanced Chakras look like?

What do Balanced Chakras look like?


Throughout the day we experience a plethora of emotions and interactions. Some great and super positive. But also some that may be the opposite, and triggering even. It's the cost of being beautifully human. We must feel these varied emotions. We must also learn at the best of our ability, how to balance those emotions in order to reduce any long term effect it could cause by storing them. When imbalance of emotions and lengthy storage of them happens this can show in many ways. Stress, overwhelm, irritability and disconnect are just a few.

In my experience of working with the Chakras, I have found that far more often then not these are attributed to a Chakra and most likely the reason it is blocked or overactive. We can't control every aspect of life and the when's what's or how's but we can control how we respond to them. Practices like Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Affirmations and Reiki are just a few that help us recenter in effort to keep balanced during life's twists and turns. Below you'll find a brief list of what balanced Chakras can look like.

What Balanced Chakras can resemble:

🥔ROOT CHAKRA: You feel protected, cared for and loved even if you are alone.

📙SACRAL CHAKRA: You are creative.

☀️SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: You have the willpower to do or change anything in your life.

💚HEART CHAKRA: You can give and receive love.

🗣THROAT CHAKRA: You express your ideas and feelings without fear.

👁THIRD EYE CHAKRA: You trust your inner guidance and make balanced decisions.

🕉CROWN CHAKRA: You are open to new ideas and point of views.

Here are a few ways to help balance out the Chakras...

💫Reiki: Healing energy work that can include sound, crystals and aromatherapy

💫Color therapy: Seeing, wearing and/or eating the colors of the Chakras

💫Meditation: Guided/Visual

💫Aromatherapy: Using House of Adonis Blue Chakra Essential Oil Blends

💫Affirmations: Speaking positivity and balance to each Chakra.... Just to name a few!

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